Features of esports betting

If we compare the current computer games with the games 20 years ago, then this is just heaven and earth. Now the usual non-network game will not be to anyone’s taste, everyone plays online with real opponents.

The generation that grew up on computer games has grown imperceptibly, which has led to the widespread development of e-sports. Its popularity grew so quickly that bookmakers could not ignore it. Even such large offices began to accept bets on e-sports, in addition, bookmakers appeared that specialize only in this sport.

A bit of history
The first esports tournaments began to be held, and the prizes at that time were not monetary. Over time, many large countries recognized esports as an official sport, and Russia was the first to do this (although the decision was later revised). Every year the number of eSports tournaments, the number of teams and the amount of prize money increased.

If earlier teams received only an invitation to a major tournament, now they need to pass the qualifying stage in their country and only then the team will receive the coveted ticket. At the moment, the volume of bets on e-sports is higher than on volleyball, handball and tennis, and many experts believe that he could even overtake football if every office accepted bets on this sport.

Top esports bookmakers: Cybbet, Egaming Bets, Cyber-bets and Pinnacle Sports.

Useful Resources

A large Russian-language site with news about e-sports, useful articles, tournament tables and interesting videos.

A very large resource about e-sports, whose group on VKontakte has over 300 thousand subscribers. The site contains eSports news, the latest streams, player and fan blogs, helpful articles, player interviews, and a helpful forum.

An interesting site about e-sports, where you will find statistics of tournaments, teams and individual players, the dynamics of bookmaker odds, the history of head-to-head meetings and paid forecasts of resource experts.
Basic rates

Experienced esports players

The main outcome. A bet on the victory of a specific team.

With a handicap. Bets are accepted on wins and losses of teams with a certain handicap. Handicap bets are also accepted.

The result is on the cards. Bets are accepted on teams’ victories in certain maps.

Team passage. The player places a bet on which of the two teams will take the higher place in the standings or advance further in the playoff bracket. In case of the same indicators of the teams, the bookmaker makes a refund of the bets.

Total. The total number of points (kills) of both teams. You can also bet on the total of an individual team.
Winning the tournament. In esports, it is difficult to predict the winner of a tournament due to the large number of participants.


If you do not know thoroughly the rules of the game, then it is better not to bet on it. Each game has a lot of nuances that you simply will not take into account. Look at the statistics of the teams, and you need to know the characteristics of each of the players. In esports, each individual player is very important, so his poor play can affect the overall result of the team. The earlier the team is formed, the better the actions of its members will be worked out.

Serious teams don’t just rely on the skills of individual players, they build tactics for each game. Therefore, it does not hurt to look at the records of the teams’ previous games in order to understand their behavior model in various situations.

Older players are more experienced. Surely they grew and improved along with the games, but they have one significant drawback. The reaction speed starts to decrease closer to 30 years, so in games where you need to make lightning-fast decisions, young players have a head start.

Keep in mind that the players’ motivation varies from tournament to tournament. The emotional state of the participants is also important, so it doesn’t hurt to read the latest interviews of the athletes.

Features of esports betting

Despite its immense popularity, esports is an understudied sport. Very often bookmakers put the wrong odds on it, so the bookmakers give odds with a high margin. Some bookmakers can accept bets on a draw in esports, but most of them return bets in such cases.

In esports, as in other sports, the public has its favorites. The betting volumes on these teams usually exceed the teams’ probability of winning, which is why there are often valuable markets in the line.

The volume of bets on esports breaks new records every year and a decline in the popularity of this sport is not expected in the near future. If you have a good knowledge of any game and periodically follow esports tournaments, then you can try your hand at betting on it. If there is little confidence in your abilities, then you should start by playing for virtual money.