How to choose a crypto bookmaker in the USA

How to check the reliability of the bookmaker and understand that the bookmaker can be trusted? In this article, we will tell you about the criteria for evaluating bookmakers, allowing you to find out which bookmakers are reliable, and what to look for when choosing a bookmaker.

USA bookmaker rating

The easiest way to choose a bookmaker is to use our rating of bookmakers.

It includes all legal Russian bookmakers, each of which has been evaluated by our betting experts.

We evaluate bookmakers according to eight criteria:

  • Registration and identification;
  • Bonuses and freebets;
  • Choice of rates;
  • Odds;
  • Live and broadcasts;
  • Mobile applications for Android and iPhone;
  • Official website and mobile version;
  • Bookmaker clubs;

You can also rate the bookmaker based on the positive feedback from our readers published in the comments to the bookmaker reviews.

Why is it dangerous to play in illegal bookmakers

Illegal bookmakers may not pay the winnings, and their sites may be blocked by Roskomnadzor at any time. It is likely that when you win, you will receive a refund.

Depositing and withdrawing funds from the account of an illegal bookmaker may be considered a suspicious operation and block your bank cards.

Therefore, you should choose those bookmakers who conduct their activities in accordance with Russian law.

The bookmaker must be a member of a self-regulatory organization (SRO) for gambling in sweepstakes and operate under a license issued by the Federal Tax Service.

All online bets of legal bookmakers go through MCCIS: Interactive Betting Translation Center.

Check it on the bookmaker’s website by going to the bookmaker information page. There must be copies of documents: licenses and certificates of SRO membership. In a legal bookmaker, you will definitely have to go through the verification procedure. For illegal immigrants, sometimes only registration is enough.

Reliable bookmaker website

Checking the points of acceptance of bets are carried out by the controlling state bodies. They cannot spontaneously appear in large numbers in different places. But most bets are made online, and you can create a website in a couple of days. Therefore, Roskomnadzor does not always have time to block dubious resources.

Here are several attributes of a reliable bookmaker’s website:

  • the presence of an SSL protocol, which is responsible for encrypting user data;
  • domain name in the .ru, .com, or .net zone;
  • automatic interruption of the session if the player is not active in the personal account for 10-20 minutes.
  • Technical support and security service of BC
  • Each reliable bookmaker has technical support and security service. The contacts should contain information on how to contact them.

The tasks of technical support specialists include:

  • work with betters’ claims;
  • answers to questions about the work of the office;
  • assistance in mastering the functionality of the site;
  • support for players in any other situations.
  • The security service is responsible for checking each user’s account for compliance with applicable laws. Also, the specialists of this service prevent attempts to cheat on the part of the players. For example, attempts to use someone else’s personal data for games in bookmakers.

It is advisable that you can contact the bookmaker’s employees in different ways: via e-mail, online chat, hotline or a special feedback form on the website.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds from the bookmaker’s account

In most cases, players use bank cards to deposit or withdraw money. Less commonly, bank account details or electronic payment systems are used for this.

In any case, the bookmaker should use only those payment schemes that are supported by MCCIS. These are proven payment channels that ensure confidentiality and protection against leakage of player’s personal data.

Bookmaker reputation

The best reputation are those bookmakers who:

  • do not reduce bet limits;
  • do not introduce additional commissions;
  • identify the player in a short time;
  • do not cancel bets due to their own technical errors: for example, if the name of one of the teams is misspelled.

In some cases, the player can learn about the behavior of the bookmaker from the reviews of other betters. But often all these points are clarified only during the game in the office, that is, on our own experience.